4 Low Cost Ways To Celebrate At The Workplace On A Budget

Small business owners seem to have the ability of multi tasking various management roles including HR, CEO, CFO and sometimes the best motivational shoulder to cry on. Business owners are reportedly becoming savvier, like Susie McLean, former reality star of Real Housewives of Melbourne, now running a growing lifestyle and corporate catering Melbourne brand.

Celebrating employees are an essential part of great business ethics. Some business owners feel a bit overwhelmed. However, the following suggestions should cut down your stress with some low budget tips to help celebrate an employee’s achievement, birthday, milestone while hiring the best caterers Melbourne market has today.

Celebrating On A Budget

In case you are a micro-company still trying to reach a certain goal to feel satisfied with your company’s profit and future direction, there is still a way you can celebrate on a dime. Just keeping a company afloat will lead to nothing but stress for you and your team. Learn to disconnect and come together as a team away from the work place. You can organize a company picnic that can be a potluck instead of dipping into company profits. Employees can choose what they want to bring and you can organize activities outdoors to help your team bond.

Physical Activities

If you have mostly young recruits, staying indoors at your desk may not be the most efficient way to get the best ideas or work from them. You may want to consider keeping a foldable ping-pong table stored somewhere on the property which can be rolled out when they need to let off some steam. You can also leave it up to your team to decide what kind of activities they would like to do as a group as long as they helped them grow as individuals and secondly as a team. It makes employees feel empowered and they might come up with some brilliant ideas as well.

Office Lunch Once A month

If you have a large team of employees you can consider an office lunch once a month, where you can hire locals that offer services of corporate catering Melbourne wide or finger food catering, to bond over some grub. Food has always helped people come together and it is no different at work. You can ask your employees to write down their favorite dishes or food items and pull three out of a hat. Your experienced Melbourne catering agency can whip up fun food items making it easier to budget food or plates per person.

Fun City Tours

To help celebrate certain milestones or awards in your company, you can take your entire team out for the day for team building activities. You can plan a virtual treasure hunt by pre-planting gifts around the city and asking your employees to break into teams to claim their prizes using tools like Google map. Most modern metropolitans have low-cost Segway tours or free ghost walks that might be fun as well.

Celebrating with your team is a great idea any time of the year, even on a budget. You can do your own research to come up with quirky team building ideas or in case you need services like corporate catering Melbourne firms provide, you can visit sites such as Essential Caterer service.

Going on Baking Classes: Choosing the Best Baking Classes for your Skill Level

Ever tried buying banana bread Woolworths stores sell and wondered what makes the restaurant banana bread so good, unlike the ones you cooked? Have you always had a sweet tooth and wondered how to make pavlova cakes and pies? If you’re cool with just buying banana bread Woolworths grocery markets sell today and eating cafe banana bread, you most likely won’t like to go thru the hassle of baking your own bread and pastries. But if you plan to learn a new skill while also cutting your food costs, you should enroll in a baking class.

banana bread woolworths

This article touches upon the dos and don’ts of enrolling in a baking class:

Finding the Right Baking Classes

Whether you plan on learning a new hobby or recreating the banana bread Woolworths stores sell that you like eating very much, going on baking classes are fun no matter what your ultimate goal is. When you keep these basic tips in mind, finding the perfect courses is simple. Whether you are looking to learn how to make delicious desserts at home, considering a career as a pastry chef or anything in between, taking baking classes is an excellent place to start. Before you enroll, though, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to ensure that you make the right decision. Click here for more information Country Chef

DO: Consider your skill level

Before you sign up for baking classes, you need to think about your current skill level. Are you a complete beginner, or do you already have a bit of knowledge in the kitchen? Do you bake things regularly, or have you never even made a basic birthday cake yourself? Keeping your skill level in mind ensures that the classes you take are not too simple or complex.

DO: Think about what you hope to achieve

People enroll in baking classes for numerous reasons. Are you looking for an in-depth course that serves as a foundation for a culinary career, or are you looking to expand upon a personal hobby? Asking yourself these questions allows you to determine whether a particular class is appropriate for helping you meet your goals.

DON’T: Forget to read course descriptions

Though you are probably excited about signing up for a baking class, never forget to read the course description. Each course is different. Some courses provide all the supplies and ingredients, while others require you to bring your own. Some courses last for several weeks, while others are a single evening. Carefully read the description to make sure that there are no surprises when you start your class.

DON’T: Be unwilling to make compromises

It is not always possible to find a class that only teaches exactly what you want to learn. If for example, you are only interested in learning how to make fun birthday cakes for your kids, there is a good chance that your only option is to enroll in a baking class that focuses on cakes of all kinds. As long as the course includes what you are hoping to learn, be flexible when it comes to additional requirements.

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