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Making the Right Health Care Decision: FAQs for Considering Aged Care Choices

Every day we make decisions; often a lot of small decisions and occasionally we make big decisions like choices that affect our future. Decisions like what career choice, who to marry, what home to buy, which school to trust for the children, when to retire, among others, are some examples of these life-changing questions we ask ourselves in a lifetime. If you live in Australia, only a few are as important and largely irreversible as the placement of an elderly loved one at a North Lakes aged care facility when additional aged care is needed.

Choosing which home nursing companies North Lakes aged care facility to trust sometimes only involves these aspects:

–        Knowing the range of options available locally

–        Getting informed on its current pricing and amenities

–        Basing on the emotional aspect of the elder like if they feel it’s an okay place

However, there are more to making this decision than just scratching the surface. This article contains the essential queries you need to ask yourself and the dementia aid North Lakes aged care facility you choose to secure the safety and well-being of your elderly loved one:

FAQs for you as the elderly’s guardian:

Q:  Does the elderly resident only need financial planning if he/she is entering a low or high care facility?

A: There is much to consider along the spectrum of aged care and many issues and options that most people don’t know about – like the financial aspect. Even if you plan to stay in your own home, to live with family, or to stay at any reliable North Lakes aged care facility, the qualified financial advice is a critical part of a comfortable life. Visit their website at Aarcare

Q:  What fees will I have to pay to have my elderly relative enter an aged care facility?

A: The actual daily cost of an aged care facility will vary for different residents. They also vary with regards to the respite, dementia, or palliative care solutions North Lakes aged care facility offers that the elderly resident needs. It is vital that you get an accurate quote first from the North Lakes aged care facility of your choice before committing to any permanent transactions.

Q:  What are the extra services in an aged care facility?

A: Extra services are defined as hotel type services, which can include higher standards of accommodation, increased entertainment, and wider food choices. A facility must demonstrate that these are significantly better than average services if they qualify for extra services. If you choose extra services in either low or high care facility, it is only to be expected that you will be asked to pay higher fees.

Q:  What is an accommodation charge and how much is it?

A: An accommodation charge is a daily payment for people who enter a high care facility. The amount of the daily charge is set at the date when the elderly resident enters a facility officially and permanently and is based on your assessable assets. The daily rate differs for pensioners and self-supported retirees. It is important to have your assets structured correctly before the date of entry. Seek specialist financial advice well ahead of this date. See more at

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